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Well here it is, my attempt at serial writings. I suck at posting daily so well see how far this goes. Ill upload all my stories I've written so far and catogorize them by character. That will bring it up to about 4 total stories to begin with and then I will attempt to write a page or short story a day for one of them.. grab the RSS and see how well that goes. Thanks for visiting.


These are catogorized by the main character if its all short stories, or by the arc name.

 Random Thoughts - Stories that have no common theme or main character

 Sarkathiss - Hes a monk kind of Shao Lin like and seems to always be thinking

 Jade - An elven priestess who needs to have her whole story told one day

 Dana - Weird things keep happening to him. He blogs about it to help sort out his    thoughts

 Shattered Worlds - First three chapters of my novel.